Quickgold 1.3.1 for iPhone

Do you have lots of applications installed in your iPhone ? Is categories taking too long a time to load up ? Well Quickgold is definately a 'MUST' for you.

This application not only has 'zero' load time, it also searches for installed apps on your iPhone or iPod touch and lists them as you type in search terms. You can also call phone numbers in your address book or launch web clips.

After you install QuickGold you won’t actually see an icon for it on your SpringBoard. To get to it, you have to click on the hard button (home button) while you are on the home screen and a search box will appear.

This application work best with categories installed. Once you organized all your applications using categories, you can then launch Quickgold to find your desired applications quickily.

Quickgold can be found in Cydia, do a quick search by typing 'Quickgold' to install this application. Try this out to know for yourself !!!

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