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Calculate Loan Payments and a Whole Lot More

First, and foremost, Loan Shark is an easy to use loan calculator. Enter the information you know, click a button for the field you want calculated, and Loan Shark fills in the amount for you.

Once you've got your loan details, click the Amortization button, and you'll see a full amortization table with the details of each month's payment. Use this to quickly determine exactly how much in interest your loan will cost you, see the effect of paying an extra payment per year, and so much more!


- Calulcate Any Field; Need to calculate what the payment will be? Or maybe you need to calculate the amount you can afford based on the payment? However you need to look at your loan, Loan Shark can figure it up for you.

- Full Amortization Table; With the click of a button, see the full amortization table right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Examine it month-by-month to see exactly how much you're paying for your loan.

- One-tap Extra Payment; Making an extra payment on your loan each year can dramatically reduce the cost of your loan. With Loan Shark, you can easily see what that extra payment will save you over time.

- Saved Favorites; Want to compare loans from different financial institutions? Loan Shark's handy Favorites feature let you save different loan scenarios for later recall. Reload the entire loan with just one tap.

- Nearby Banks; Using the iPhone or iPod Touch's built-in location sensor, Loan Shark can retrieve a list of nearby banks, making shopping for a loan that much easier.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update


Download Application Via App Store Here:

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