Chronus a.k.a TimeCapsule Backup Application

If anyone can remember the image on my left you should have remembered it came from one of my favourite application; Time Capsule.

Today they are back again, renamed into Chronus. Same application that was used in the past, to backup all your applications.

Chronus has been released for download on the Cydia Installer. If you have previously backed up your files with TimeCapsule in 1.x, the files that you should save and copy over to your computer are located at: /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/TimeCapsule. In the new firmware, you should put these files back to the same location.

The free version of Chronus is limited to one backup per application. If you have an old TimeCapsule serial it will work or you can purchase the app for $7.99.

IMPORTANT: Some users are having Chronus crash immediately at launch. This has been fixed and will be released in the soon coming Chronus 2.1. Chronus 2.1 will also come with some other features:
- email of backup
- backup all mode (only backups user-defined apps’s settings so it does not backup unnecessary files)
- addition of support through URL

The last feature above is probably the most exciting feature. Developers can now add support to their applications but specifying the parameters in a URL. Users will have surf to the developers’ website, click on the link and it will automatically launch Chronus and inserts all the necessary parameters. If this works out well, then there’s no need to wait for me to release a new update just to add support.

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