Categories 2.21 for iPhone

Have you ever wish all your applications can be organize into a single folder? Well now you can. With the new application call 'Categories' found in Cydia, you can simpily place all your games or Utilities into a single folder on your desktop.

The app comes with a GUI configurator so that you do not have to edit text files. When you add an app to a category, it is removed from the springboard list so that it no longer shows up on the main desktop. When you remove the app from the category it is returned back to the springboard.

Check out the sample picture folder full of games loaded.

Creating and Deleting Categories

To create a category, load the main GUI and select "ADD". You will be asked to type the name of the category and then select an icon. Once this is done, you will need to add programs to the category to use it.

To delete a category, just tap "Edit" and then select the category to delete. Categories must be empty in order to be deleted. Therefore, you must first delete the apps out of the category before you can delete the category.

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