Diner Dash; PlayFirst Inc for iPhone

Find the word 'Diner Dash' fimiliar ? Yes! Our old time favourite game and now its right in your iPhone! You can now play it on the go.

The iPhone is powerful enough that there’s no need to “slim down” the game, as with most mobile devices. The biggest difference (besides the smaller screen) is the touch interface.

It feels totally natural to play: dragging customers to seats, then just pointing at tables, the ticket wheel, and the dish bin. You’ll love it!

Career Mode offers 50 levels of gameplay in five unique restaurants while Endless Mode serves up a steady stream of customers with distinct dining habits and patience levels. Fast, fun, and fantastically addictive.

50 fast-paced levels
6 types of customers
2 modes of play

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update


Download Game via App Store Here:

Diner Dash for iPhone

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