TextGuru; Brancipater Software for iPhone

Wishing your iPhone/iPod touch can view Microsoft files? Well here you are. 'TextGuru', a powerful application that allow users to view all sorts of microsoft files right in your iPhone.

As simple as viewing? Guess not. This software even allows users to cut, copy and paste with the application. For those that need precise instructions on cut and paste:

- Tap ONCE where you want to begin, then IMMEDIATELY after, tap again and HOLD DOWN
- With your finger still held down, DRAG to where you want to STOP copying/cutting
- Pull your finger straight up off of the screen, and then select either cut or copy from the toolbar above the keyboard

Check out their full features:

- Cut, copy and paste
- Find and replace
- Autosave
- Read Microsoft Office Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in both landscape and portrait modes
- Read PDF Files in both landscape and portrait modes
- Integrated file sharing
- Search within the text of your entire document collection
- Pastebin support with Pastie and Sprunge
- Email entire documents or share pastebin links with anyone
- On-demand web preview of web documents
- Display documents in any of the 22 fonts available on the iPhone
- View binary files using either hex or ASCII representation

Upcoming features of Version 1.1
• Proper file/folder management
• Quick file sharing
• A full FTP client
• Web file downloading

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update


Download Application via App Store Here:

TextGuru; Brancipater Software for iPhone

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