RailWater 1.0 for iPhone

A new game from Cydia! I really find this game addictive, make you use your brain as you level up to different stage.

RailWater is a piping game where you place the correct joints together to match the number and letting the water move through.

During the game play, you will need to select a piece from the lower menu bar and drag it where you would like it. When you add a piece, it will make the water flow based on the shape of the pipe you added. You want the water to flow through all the pipes.

You can spin the pipe joints by tapping on them. However, you will also notice that at the end of each pipe there is a circle with numbers in them. The numbers also have to match each other. Example) 120/120. So, you have to use the correct pipes to subtract the correct amount of points as well as have the water flow through all the pipes!


This game is a sure to try!!!

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