Read over 20,000 books on your iPhone using the Eucalyptus app for the iPhone for under 10 bucks. Eucalyptus downloads its books from the free Project Gutenberg archive. Some of the cool features in the e-book reading application Eucalyptus app are:

- When you flip pages of the book, there is a visual representation of a page turning, which makes things feels more book-like, and less digital used in apps like the Amazon Kindle iPhone app.
- Don’t like losing your place when you pause reading a book? Not to worry because the Eucalyptus iPhone app remembers where you left off and resumes automatically.
- Search for books by keywords like author, subject, title and more as used by librarians.
- Listings of books are similar to iPod songs making browsing for books simple and painless.
- Can’t read small text? Just pinch in and out using your fingers and Eucalyptus automagically resizes the book content.
- Eucalyptus uses technology to make reading simpler such as proven typesetting routines and fonts.

Some interesting news about the Eucalyptus app: Originally the Eucalyptus iPhone app was banned from the App Store becuase it had the ability to retrieve The Kama Sutra from a public domain of books.

View the developer website here
Download Eucalyptus

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