Just as TomTom announed its coming iPhone app with the impending release of iPhone OS 3.0 June 17th, Navigon is readying their MobileNavigator software to take full advantage of the firmware updates to turn the iPhone into a full GPS navigation device. By the end of the month, Navigon wants iPhone users to be able access MobileNavigator from the AppStore internationally.

The MobileNavigator software will be compatible with both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S which will guide their users safely to their destination - with update map material and intelligent navigation.

MobileNavigator will include functions such as Reality View Pro, Real Roadsign Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Speed Assistant, Day & Night Mode, with additional functions such as displaying Points of Interest (POIs). The software will be able to rotate 90 degrees and switch seemlessly between portrait and landscape mode. Navigon has integrated the software with other functions of the iPhone such as navigation to an address through a saved contact on the phone itself. If interrupted by a phone call, instead of closing the application, MobileNavigator will resume once the call is ended, automatically.

A price tag hasn’t been issued (but will be by the AppStore launch) for MobileNavigator but a ‘LITE’ version will be available for free from the AppStore. MobileNavigator LITE won’t have active route guidance, but will display map material and Points of Interests nearby.

View the developer website here

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