iCam for iPhone

iCam is an iPhone app that enables live webcam video streaming of up to 4 webcam video and audio feeds from anywhere in the world to your iPhone or iPod touch over WiFi, 3G and EDGE.

iCam works with any MAC or PC. After you buy and install iCam on your iPhone or iPod touch, you need to install the iCamSource software on your computer. iCamSource recognizes your connected webcam and from there you just have to pick a username and password. Then open up your iCam app and re-enter the same username and password into the app. Once connected you will see a the main page of iCam where you see 4 cam windows, with the cam you connected to. Tap any cam to zoom in on it, and double tap zoom out. iCam can deliver both audio and video to your iPhone, but you can choose to turn off audio if you like. iCam is a wonderfully powerful iPhone app for monitoring you home, office, baby, or any place you want, quickly and easily.

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