SmsTool - Sms forwarding app for the iPhone via Cydia (Free)

SmsTool is another sms app which allows you to forward messages from your iPhone. The app is good and pretty stable. However there are quite a few features missing in this app. But there is a mention about the coming updates on this app which would make this app equipped with all the features.

The app has the feature to forward messages as email or as an sms. But it uses the default sms app to do this. It redirects you to the default sms or mail app when you press the ‘forward’ or ‘forward as email’ button. It also has the option to reply or call the contact in the Options Menu at the bottom-left. Another feature this app has is search. You can search an sms by the text or the name. It also has four folders namely inbox,sent drafts and templates.

However I do not prefer using this app as it lacks many features like single sms deletion, smileys, landscape viewing etc. Though they are expected to come out in the next update. Overall the app is descent but I still prefer usinf iRealSms or even Clippy as they are far more better compared to SmsTool. But this app is free as against the paid ones like iRealSms, MySms or even BiteSms.

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