Fast & Furious

Road race, Drift race, Drag race, GPS race, Tunnel run, Pursuit, Evade your way through one of the most impressive racing games for the iPhone. Blast through streets of L.A. and the Mexican desert. Fast and Furious the Game is the official game for iPhone supporting the newly release movie of the same name.

Each scene can also contain various targets and objectives. For example while drifting you have to meet a set drift score in one drift. Or during the Pink Slip Challenge your task is to win a defined car befre you can move on. While doing a Race challenge requires you to win all the races to proceed.

Game Modes include Quick Race or Story mode. Compete online to post scores and videos to a global leaderboard website.

Awards are unlocked for achieving certain goals in the game. An icon will appear to inform you that an award has been unlocked and it is summarized at the end of a level.

Wifi Multiplayer mode lets you do lay against friends and family using wireless on your iPhone or iPod touch. Simply select the Wifi Multiplayer option from the menu and your game will scan to see who else around you is playing Fast & Furious and you will be able to prompt them for a challenge.

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