Vocalia; Creaceed


Speech Recognition running directly on your iPhone.

Do you have many contacts in your iPhone's address book?

Finding quickly the one you need is quite difficult and boring.

You should add a powerful speech recognition tool to your iPhone!

Vocalia helps you find quickly and easily the person or company you want to call or send an email to.

No network connection required.

No private information sent to some unknown and far away servers.
No additional work required from you to record your contacts' names.

How does Vocalia work?
1. Click Vocalia's icon to make "Vocalia's Eye" appear.
2. Speak the name (or the byname) of your contact.
3. Vocalia selects in your address book the contact names close to what you pronounced.
4. Click the contact you want to call or to write to.

Compatible with iPhone
Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update
Download Application via App Store Here:

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