Grafly; Em Software

Grafly is a revolutionary new graphing calculator for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Grafly provides full equation graphing interactivity, with live touch-based zoom and scroll features for arbitrarily complex graphs, and with live gravity mode for graph exploration by simply moving your device "around the figure" to view it from any angle.

Explore the geometrical beauty of mathematical equations with your fingers, as Grafly generates the visible portions of the equation in real-time.

- 2D/3D graphing of arbitrary equations with full shading, lighting, inside/outside distinction
- calculator for simple expressions
- touch-based and tilt-based exploration in 2D and 3D: rotation, translation, zoom in/out (pinch gesture)
- gravity-based exploration in 3D: see all sides of a figure by rotating your device
- real-time computation of equation surfaces in the background as you explore
- unlimited equation history with previous/next, delete, add, edit operations
- reset viewport: origin, orientation, zoom or all
- exploration modes: touch, gravity, tilt
- axes, grid, or all off
- full built-in help with mini-browser
- info display with helpful information
- calibrate "down" for gravity and tilt modes
- send equation via email for sharing
- show/hide navigation / tool bars for maximizing graph exploration screen space
- 30+ built-in sample equations for learning and exploration

Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update


Download Application via App Store Here:

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