Apple Retail Store: Take your class on a Field Trip

Our Store. Their time to shine.

Give your students an out-of-classroom experience they won’t forget by signing them up for a Field Trip at an Apple Retail Store.

On a Field Trip, your class can either use the store as their computer lab, creating fun projects on a Mac. Or they can bring in projects they’ve already created and delight parents, classmates, and teachers with their talent.

Ready to plan your Field Trip?

Create amazing projects.
Your students can use the Mac computers in our store to create photo albums in iPhoto, edit video in iMovie, build websites in iWeb, make Keynote presentations, or even compose their own songs in GarageBand.

Showcase their work.
If your students have already created amazing projects on Macs or PCs in school or at home, they can share them with others in our store and get the recognition they deserve for their talented work.

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