Iphone: Quickpwn 2.1 for Windows

Supports 2.1 firmware with the unlocking and jailbreaking of iPhone 1st generation (2G) device. Supports the jailbreaking of iPod Touch 1st generation device and iPhone 3G. Your device will need to be upgraded to 2.1 (using iTunes 8) before running this application.

  • It does NOT support the unlocking of iPhone 3G
  • It does NOT support the jailbreaking of second generation iPod Touch introduced last week
  • Windows QuickPwn 2.1 - Torrent here
  • (SHA1) QuickPwn21-1.zip = f8124d0e8f31f64ef3272de8fbc679e1dd1f93a7

You will need to know how to use bittorrent to download this file.

For more information please visit main website below:


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