Iphone: PwnageTool and QuickPwn for 2.1 Firmware

Looks like the iPhone Dev Team has done a very good job in releasing QuickPwn for jailbreaking version 2.1 firmware. I'm getting lots of comments after upgrading to firmware 2.1:
  1. Improve on battery life
  2. Reduced backup time
  3. 3G browsing speed increased
  4. Shorter downloading time for application
  5. Fixed bugs on crashing and hanging
  6. Faster loading when SMS

Do note that the Dev Team has only released this on Mac version so Window fans hold on to your pants !!! In case you want to download the file, I've place a shortcut for you guys too (from Dev Team Website):

Direct Download - QuickPwn

Direct Download - PwnageTool

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